Sunday, 20 November 2011

On cups of tea

Have become a bit of a tea afficiano lately. Have replaced at least 50% of my caffeine intake with tea, mainly English Breakfast, with the odd "gumboot" Bushells (actually, their Kenya blend is quite nice, lots of depth and quite grunty).

But what has struck me about tea this week, is how certain politicians want to have their tea, and drink it too.

Messrs Key and Banks happily invite along possibly the biggest media scrum NZ has seen in the last few years to observe the partaking of tea. They have their tea. And then they complain because journalists actually try to report what happened?

Uh huh? Excuse me, but this is not like some paparazzi pointing a directional microphone at someone's bedroom to record private goings on (and really, would you want to find out what Mr Banks got up to in the bedroom? I thought not. Oh that we had a real Berlusconi in NZ politics! I guess the closest we have is a Don Brash, which just goes to show how far we have really fallen behind).

Lets get real. The media were invited to be there! It was a public place! Why would you even think of having a private conversation at an event you set up purely for the media to attend??

I'm sorry, but JK and JB, really, really poor form. And to then involve the Police, (and saying that because of the reduction in crime, Police have a bit of spare time on their hands) is absolutely pathetic.

Message to the media. Next time you get invited to a cup of tea, do the right thing.

Just say no.

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